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What makes Domi unique?

In Domi Online there is no level cap, no skill cap, and death comes with major consequences. In Domi you’ll be respected, loved or feared, for your strength, which can only come from putting in the time grinding mobs or completing quests, allowing hardcore players to truly dominate in a massive open world.


Seasonal Reward System

In Domi Online the highest level players on the leaderboards are rewarded at the end of each season. Compete against the other players on one of two leaderboards per server. One ranking the highest level players who created a character that season, and one leaderboard for the highest level players on the server (all-time). This way both new players, as well as players who have grinded out mobs and quests for months or even years, have a chance at climbing the leaderboards, at the start of every new season.



Domi Online is an MMORPG where no one holds you back, but also where no one's holding your hand. With no maximum level cap and no maximum skill cap, you can truly become as powerful as you would only be in a cinematic scene in most other games in the MMORPG genre. On the other hand, death comes with major consequences, as your total player level and skill levels take a substantial hit, each time you die. Domi has no boring fetching quests, no escort quests, no dailies, no means of teleporting to a dungeon, no flying mounts, and no instancing. Everything happens in the same world, and you'll find yourself cutting deals with other players, or even fighting them, for the right to hunt in a certain area, or for the right to sell destruction and healing runes in a specific zone.


Underpinned by digital collectibless

No, we're not talking about monkeys or art pieces. Just the technology. We want to give our players actual ownership of their most valuable gear. In-game and outside. When you loot rare gear and weapons off of monsters, an digital collectibles is minted in your account on drop, and connected to the item. Giving our players the chance to trade it, not only on Domi's servers in the game's auction house, but also outside of Domi. There is much to be said about digital collectibless, but how we are utilizing the technology is simple: We're making sure what's yours, is yours. It's not owned by us and bound to our servers, it's yours to do with what you want. Use it, trade it, transfer it to another character, or sell it legally to your buddy down the street. We're big fans of decentralization, and for that, digital collectibles technology is a game changer that makes it extra rewarding when you finally loot that Phantom Steelheart, Gorebringer's Shadow or any other epic drop you'll be hoping for when you're out hunting.


In the world of Domi you need to prepare yourself before each major hunt by stacking up on Destruction and/or Healing Runes, made by yourself or other players. As mana regenerates slowly, it's wize to spend this time killing lower tier mobs to train your weapon skills, loot or forage for alchemy mats, fish and cook meals for powerful buffs, and craft various potions


No fetching quests, no escort quests. Just an epic quest-line challenging you to brave new areas and meet new characters from the Domi lore. Domi's quest-line features characters voiced by actors like Anthony Howell (Elden Ring), Tracy Wiles (Diablo IV), Stewart Scudamore (Assassin's Creed) and many more.


Houses and guild towers are placed in cities and villages around the world of Domi, with the majority located in Stannfyr. Domi's capital city. The benefit of having a house is having a bed to sleep in while you're offline, allowing you to regenerate mana while you're not playing, as well as a neat place to customize and hang your trophies and legendary items in, to show off to whoever you invite in.



What's to come for Domi Online

checkers not chess

2024 Q1 March

Open Alpha Release & Visual world updates

Instant access, No restrictions, No whitelist requirements. Free to Play

Dynamic weather implementation, world map improvements, QOL and server optimizations

2024 Q1 Febuary

Open Alpha Enhancements

QOL improvements from open alpha feedback

NPC logic capabilities improvement

Player inspect functions

2024 Q1 Febuary

$DOMI BEAM bridge deployment

First stage of our $DOMI deployment plans on Merit Circles 'Beam' avalanche subnet

2024 Q1 March

Blacksmithing profession added into the world of Domi Online

A new featured questline

Stability optimization changes

2024 Q1 March

In-game storefront deployment

Implementation of our 'Merchant Marks' (In-game currency)

Our Team

We have assembled a team of some of the best in the industry. With our lead developer coming from the worlds biggest free MMORPG “Runescape”, blockchain experts from Chainguardians, (True pioneers of utilizing digital collectibles’s/P2E) sound and SFX by Pellek (League of legends, Magic: The Gathering, Power Rangers, Path of Exile, PolkaPets and more.


Per Fredrik Pellek Aasly

CEO / Co-Founder


Harley Swann

COO / Co-Founder


David Edgecomb

Lead Game Developer / Co-Founder

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Our Partners

Our incredible strategic partners, who formed an agreement to assist with the mission of growth to the success of Domi Online in becoming the greatest MMORPG targeting both the traditional and game-fi industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No level and skill cap

Domi Online has no level cap, no skill cap. Allowing an eternity of progress and opportunity for players to truly DOMI-nate the server. Be it alone or with their friends or guilds.

What will $DOMI token be used for?

*On-chain governance - Voting on in-game and ecosystem design changes/balancing. For players, by players. *Seasonal rewards distribution for top guilds/players across Domi Online *Play and earn mechanics accessible to all users through seasonal reward distribution *Staking initiatives utilizing $DOMI to earn cTOKENS which can be redeemed for exclusive skins, pets, housing. Letting the utility token work for you. *Payments - Purchasing in-game assets (Not P2W)

Does death have consequences?

In Domi Online death has major consequences, meaning if you die - you actually lose experience and potentially items as well. This means you have to strategize or play it safe if you want to truly dominate the leaderboards and become a force to be reckoned with on your server.

When is the alpha game launch?

Alpha release will be the first test for our users to experience Domi Online first hand with our planned release Q3 2022. Providing our team with feedback/statistics to prepare for Beta.

What makes Domi Online different?

Domi Online is built by gamers. We are listening to the current ecosystem of MMORPG players carefully, solving their cry out for change by making innovative alterations to the standard MMORPG experience. Avoiding teleporting to dungeons, flying mounts ruining immersion, not allowing “Max levels” or expansions making all your hard work and progress - useless. In a fully immersive 3D MMORPG experience with no level cap, no skill cap. Domi does not hold your hand, but we will never hold you back.

Seasonal leaderboards

Our seasonal reward system for play-to-earn capabilities is aimed for rewarding players for being active and competing against other players in seasons, which operate like an e-sport competition where everyone is invited. Climb the leaderboards alone or with guild members to dominate the realm and bring home the glory.

Defi Injection

Typical P&E games in this industry are not sustainable. We aim to create an ecosystem with a long-term plan to accommodate mass adoption and provide a sustainable solution to P2E gaming. Which we like to call “Defi-Injection”. You can say our method is similar to the Noble Prize, as only the interest yielded during a period of time is rewarded, allowing us to maintain the initial capital for future reward distributions. In our ecosystem, your voice matters - not only from a gaming perspective but also from an economic ecosystem perspective. We look forward to letting all our users get involved with these decisions through governance.

What does being in a guild mean?

A guild is a medieval association between users, formed to protect mutual interest across Domi Online. Battling it out across the lands for server domination!