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In the treacherous realm of Domi, where mythical creatures lurk and darkness reigns, brave souls unite under the rule of King Latymer to face a resurging evil. As rumors spread of the Gor’ath's return, the valiant Heroes of Domi rally together to vanquish this malevolent force and safeguard their world from eternal darkness.

Bound by courage, these heroes embark on a daunting quest to quell the looming peril and safeguard their realm's precarious tranquility.

Forged in the crucible of adversity, the citizens of Domi epitomize strength and fortitude. In a world fraught with battle cries and clashing swords, they have formed a resilient community, united by bravery and camaraderie amidst the encroaching darkness.

Under the leadership of their beloved monarch, King Latymer, ruler of Stannfyr and survivor of the battle of Daalanar, where Domi's forces clashed with the malevolent Gor’ath, the people stand resolute. Yet, the Gor’ath's threat remains unabated.

Whispers abound of the demon's resurgence, gathering strength and minions once more. Now, the Heroes of Domi unite to confront and eradicate the Gor’ath and its cunning allies, determined to banish the threat once and for all.